Common Questions and Answers

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How long does the process take?
With our fast electronic filing system, if you order a company in the morning you can have it all setup and in business the same day!
The State emails the documents back to us. We email you PDFs of the documents as soon as we get them along with the appointment of directors or members.

Does $199 include everything?

Yes, $199 includes the registered agent fee, the $100 Wyoming State fee, same day document preparation and filing. There are not any additional charges for the basic corporation or LLC.

What are the fees after the first year?

Each year on the corporations anniversary, a $52 annual report fee goes to the State ( if assets in Wyoming are less than $250,000) and a Registered agent fee of $69. Total yearly fee is only $121.

Mail ForwardingIs mail forwarding available to anyone even if they are not a client of Wyoming EZ Corp?

Yes, anyone can purchase mail forwarding. You do not even need a corporation.

Mail Forwarding – What will my corporate address look like?

Your corporations address will be:
My Corporate Name
2232 Dell Range Blvd.
Suite 245 – ## (# are the box numbers assigned)
Cheyenne, WY 82009

Can I live in another State and incorporate in Wyoming?

Yes, you can live in any state and form your corporation or LLC in Wyoming. Many years ago New Jersey was popular for incorporating. Then Nevada became the most popular when New Jersey changed their rules for the worse. Now Nevada has changed it’s regulations making incorporation there a bigger hassle and more costly with new reporting requirements. Wyoming remains simple and low cost with minimal reporting requirements.

I’m a professional in another state that forms incorporations, LLCs, and LPs for clients. Can I use your service?

Yes, we have attorneys, law firms, CPAs and other professionals from New York to California, Mexico and Canada using our service for their clients.

Can Shelf Corporations Name be Changed?

Yes, name changes take about one week and the State charges $50. We will not charge to file the application.

Can a corporate address be changed?

Yes, There is a simple form to update the address of a corporation. There is no charge.

What are the banks where you can open a checking account for the corporation?

Contact us about the bank of your choice to see if they will work with us. Banks rules and regulations keep changing and sometimes it changes with personnel at the bank. We provide the bank with all necessary documents and all you do is sign the signature papers.

Do I have to have a checking account in Wyoming?

No, you are free to open an account in any state and any bank you choose.

Do I need an EIN for the corporation and can you get it for me?

Yes, you will need an EIN. We can get it for you for an additional charge unless you use us as your nominee. Our nominee service includes us getting the EIN as a third party if you so desire.

Do you offer discounts for multiple corporations or LLCs?

Yes, however at our low standard prices we cannot discount very much. Contact us for multiple company discounts.

Do you have any income ideas for my new corporation?

Yes, a corporation in Wyoming is an excellent place to earn income with associate links on your website. Form an account with commission junction or other similar affiliate provider under your Wyoming company’s name and start posting banners and links. All income will be free of State taxes.